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GeoAtlas Vector CDs Liense Agreement

Maps proposed in GEOATLAS VECTOR CDs are royalty free for paper integrations ONLY.

In acquiring or installing the CD-ROM on a single computer or on a network, the customer agrees to be bound by the terms of the following GRAPHI-OGRE user's license agreement.

1/ Grant of license - This agreement permits the customer to use each copy of the GRAPHI-OGRE CD-ROM on a single computer or in a single-terminal configuration. If the customer has acquired a network license from GRAPHI-OGRE, he may install the CD-ROM on a server for consultation and use by the number of users specified in the contract. To acquire a network or multi-terminal license, please contact us.

2/ Restriction - The customer may not lend or lease the CD-ROM. The customer may however transfer the software and accompanying written materials on a permanent basis provided that he keeps no copy and the recipient accepts the terms of this agreement. The customer undertakes not to reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the data and search engine of the CDROM, either separately or as a whole.

3/ Copyright - This CD-ROM remains the exclusive property of its suppliers and is protected as an original work by the provisions of the French Intellectual Property Act and international treaties. In consequence, the customer must treat the CD-ROM and its contents like any other intellectual work protected by copyright. He may however transfer onto hard disk the software elements required for using the CD-ROM. The only files that may be freely used are those specified as such. The customer is not permitted to copy or reproduce any of the printed materials accompanying this CD-ROM.

4/ Liability - GRAPHI-OGRE may not be held liable for any direct, indirect or accidental damage occurring as a result of the use of or inability to use this CD-ROM. The customer bears sole responsibility for the proper use of this CD-ROM and for the use to which it is put, in compliance with the terms of this license agreement.

5/ Operation - For this CD-ROM to operate correctly, GRAPHI-OGRE recommends that it be used in a single computer configuration.

6/ Warranty - GRAPHI-OGRE guarantees to replace any defective CD-ROM within a period of three months from the date of acquisition. Any defective CD-ROM should be returned to the distributor accompanied by proof of purchase.

7/ Termination - This agreement shall remain in force until it is terminated.. It will be terminated without notice by GRAPHI-OGRE if the customer does not comply with the terms of this agreement. In the event of termination, the customer must immediately return to GRAPHI-OGRE all the copies of the CD-ROM in his possession, along with all the accompanying written materials. GRAPHI-OGRE reserves the right to take action for damages.

8/ Warning - As author, GRAPHI-OGRE retains the ownership of all the elements included in the CD-ROM. The only authorized non-exclusive usage right is the one described below. The files in vector mode are made available for graphic artwork. They can be incorporated into any printed work (booklets, brochures, flyers, etc.).

Any other kind of multimedia presentation is subject to authorization. Contact us. All rights reserved.

Massive use of the files, such as for producing a geographical atlas, big size print, such as for producing wall map, is subject to prior authorization. Contact us. All rights reserved.
Transfer or dissemination in any form using information technology is strictly forbidden. For incorporation into multimedia work, contact us. All rights reserved.

All operations other than those described above in this license agreement are forbidden and may incur the user's liability.

GEOATLAS is a registered trademark of the GRAPHI-OGRE company. All the other brandnames are trademarks registered by their respective owners and their protected character is indicated.

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